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Virtuosa Blog
From the hearts of the Virtuosa Coaches to you….

Introduction to the Model for Virtuosa Coaching

Introduction to the Model for Virtuosa Coaching

Rhonda Farr introduces viewers to a concept that will likely be used in the sessions with any Virtuosa Coaches you encounter. It's a tool called "The Model" which was created by The Life Coach School's Brooke Castillo.

Ode to Life Coaching

Ode to Life Coaching

Oh Life Coaching... My psychologist brain had so much to say about you before I really knew you... I thought you were trendy and lacking substance. I thought you were all about accountability. I thought you were kind of a sham. I thought you were made up of a bunch of...

Ep #22: Stop Stress Snacking with Robin Ola

Ep #22: Stop Stress Snacking with Robin Ola

How often do you find yourself reaching for the Cheetos without even realizing you’re doing it? If you’re anything like me, that would be a lot! But have you ever thought about why you’re eating? Are you hungry or is there something else going on? Certified Personal...

Ep #21: Detoxing from Overwhelm with Neill Williams

Ep #21: Detoxing from Overwhelm with Neill Williams

So many of us find ourselves feeling overwhelmed with our lives. Between juggling work, parenting, and whatever else we find ourselves facing, we often feel as though somebody needs something from us all of the time. There's too much to do and just not enough time to...

Ep #20: Living with Complexity with Margot Hanley

Ep #20: Living with Complexity with Margot Hanley

This week we’ll be talking about learning to live and be comfortable with complexity in our lives, and what better educator than Margot Hanley? Following a career as a respiratory therapist, Margot used her experience of working with families in crisis to pivot her...

Ep #19: Life after Hard Choices with Amanda Kingsley

Ep #19: Life after Hard Choices with Amanda Kingsley

Hello, my virtuosas! What an important discussion I have for you today! I'm joined by fellow certified life coach and post-abortive counselor Amanda Kingsley. After making the difficult decision to undergo an abortion, Amanda was left feeling alone, ashamed, and...

my doctor
my husband
my best friend
my boss
my wife
my kids
my heart
told me it was time.

And I’m ready.